Grinding Media

Klausen stock and supply a large range of grinding media for use in wet milling and dry milling applications. Please contact us for specifications and pricing.

Ceramic materials including: 
- Zirconox® (ceria stabilised zirconia)
- Zircosil® (zirconium silicate sintered)
- YTZ® (yttria stabilsed zirconia)
- Duralox® (aluminium oxide)
- Steatite (magnesium meta silicate)
- Kaolin ( aluminium meta silicate)

Other Materials including:
- Glass (lead free)
- Chrome Steel 
- Carbon Steel

High Chrome Steel

Lead Free Glass

Zirconox® - ceria stabilised zirconia

Steatite - fused magnesium silicate

Duralox - high density alumina

YTZ® - yttria stabilised zirconia

Zirconium Silicate - various types