Grinding Media

Klausen stock and supply a large range of grinding media for use in wet milling and dry milling applications. Please contact us for specifications and pricing.

Sizes from 0.1mm up to 60mm

Jyoti ceramic grinding media :
- Zirconox ® (ceria stabilised zirconia)
- Zircosil ® (zirconium silicate sintered)
- YTZ ® (yttria stabilsed zirconia)
- Duralox ® (aluminium oxide)
- Steatite (magnesium meta silicate)

Other Materials including:
- Glass (lead free)
- Chrome Steel 

High Chrome Steel

Lead Free Glass

Zirconox ® - ceria stabilised zirconia

Steatite - fused magnesium silicate

Duralox - high density alumina

YTZ ® - yttria stabilised zirconia

Zircosil ® Zirconium Silicate